Other jcowboy projects: BaRf

Welcome to BaRf!

What’s a “BaRf” anyways?

BaRf stands for “Bioinformatics aggregated RSS feeds”. It provides RSS feeds of titles and abstracts of the most recent papers published by journals that may be of relevance for people involved in Bioinformatics. We don’t claim this list is complete – if you have suggestions for journals that should be added (and appear in PubMed) please let us know. The list of currently available journals along with the RSS feed XML links can be found on the right of the page.

If you’re still not sure what this site is all about, please have a look at the the FAQ category available from the navigation bar.


new journal

Jon Houck requested the addition of NeuroImage – and here you are:)

[ 06 Dec 05 | link ]

one day, two requests

once again, more journals to enjoy. Philip Lijnzaad requested

  • molecular systems biology
  • nature biotechnology

Iddo Friedberg requested

  • plos computational biology

[ 22 Oct 05 | link ]

another journal

Michael Brockman requested ‘RNA Journal’ which is now available from our journal list.

[ 03 Oct 05 | link ]

a torrent of new feeds

The following journal feeds were requested by Brian Counterman and were added to our collection:

  • molecular biology and evolution
  • genetics
  • plos genetics
  • plos biology
  • heredity
  • genetical research
  • journal of heredity
  • genetica

[ 28 Sep 05 | link ]

one down and two new

Ingo Vogt requested two new journals:

  • current opinion in chemical biology
  • current opinion drug discovery & development

he also informed us, that “Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Science” is from now on known as “Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling” so we renamed the feed.

[ 15 Jul 05 | link ]

two more

announcing two more feeds, requested by Raf van de Plas:

  • nature medicine
  • proteomics

[ 31 May 05 | link ]

another batch of fresh feeds

hein sprong requested a whole batch of journal feeds:

  • journal of biological chemistry
  • journal of cell biology
  • traffic
  • molecular biology of the cell
  • journal of cell science

[ 20 May 05 | link ]

new journal

we just added Biophysical Journal to our collection – it was requested by Jos van den Oever and Dianne McGavin almost simultaneously. Thanks for your request.

[ 17 May 05 | link ]

pushing the frontier… once again

we have added three journals to the feed collection. we’re expanding a little into developmental biology:

  • neuron
  • development
  • developmental cell

thanks to Danwei Huangfu for the request.

[ 04 Apr 05 | link ]

will build feeds for chocolate

Steven van Vooren from Kuleuven, Belgium requested “Artificial intelligence in medicine” which we are more than happy to add to our collection.

[ 10 Dec 04 | link ]